Golden Jubilee in 2015

Update November 2015 Click here for the planned events. Browns Bay Presbyterian Church is having its Golden Jubilee In July 2015 a celebration services and events are planned for this Golden Jubilee. Watch this space!

This week @ BBP

Monday 23 May

Office closed.

Tuesday 24 May

7.00pm Tuesday group at BBP In recess untill 28 June. Contact Sean Cloete Ph. 027-555-1207.
7.30pm Home group at Dave & Jeanna Sheppard's home, 21 Ellangowan Rd, Waiake. Ph 473-6249.

Wednesday 25 May

8.30am Prayer in meeting room 1.
10.30am Rosedale Service

7.30pm Val and Miles English's home group. 8 Ponui Place Mairangi Bay Ph.478-4042.
6.00pm 7 week Alpha Marriage Course. Contact Dave Sheppard. Ph. 473 6249.

Thursday 26 May

10.00am Jessie William's home group at 9 Orne Street, Torbay. Ph. 473-9547.

6.00pm Thursday prayer in meeting room 1.

Friday 27 May

10.00am Mainly Music in the Family center

1.30pm Maureen Plowman, Rest Home Visit Valley Road, Browns Bay. A plate to share please. Thanks Miriam. Ph.475-9459.
4.00pm - 5.00pm Bible meditation. All welcome.

Saturday 28 May

7.30am Men's Breakfast-topic: 'What is a mentor and can I be one?' Contact Dave Sheppard. Ph.473-6249.

Sunday 29 May

10.00am Morning Worship and tea/coffee & fellowship afterwards in the Family Centre.


15th May
Romans 8:14-17 page 1757
Acts 2:1-4; 14-21 page 1692
John 14: 23-27 page 1676
22nd May
Joel 2:28-29 page 1416
Acts 2:1-13; 37-47 page 1692
John 17:20-23 page 1680
29th May
Pslam 96 page 934
Luke 7:1-10 page 1602

Coming Up

Easter message from Church Moderator

In his Easter message to the Church, Moderator, the Rt Rev Andrew Norton, reminds us that
"death is not the final word - life is!" Andrew's message has been sent to all parishes,
so look for it in your parish bulletin or service, or read the
Easter message here.

Regular Notices

Pastoral Care: Please contact the church office with any pastoral concerns.

mainly music Meet in the Family Centre at 10.00am.

ICONZ The ICONZ Adventure Unit for boys aged 8-12 in recess. Enquiries contact Robin Palmer phone 478 2441

Prayer Needs:­

Our Mission: building loving communities that help people find and follow Jesus

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