Christmas At BBP

This week @ BBP

In Recess

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Office closed.Untill 18 January

Sunday 22 January

10.00am Morning Worship Service
tea/coffee & fellowship afterwards in the Family Centre.


4th December
Romans 15: 4-13 page 1766
Matthew 3:1-12 page 1499
11th December
Matthew 2:13-23 page 1498
13th December
Isaiah 9:1-7 page 1072
Luke 1:26-33 page 1588
18th December
Matthew 1:18-25 page 1497
24th December
Luke 2:8-20 page 1591
25th December
Luke 2:1-14 page 1590
01 January 2017
Joshua 24:14-15 page 369
Matthew 28:16-20 page 1550
08 January 2017
Isaiah 9:6-7 page 1072
Isaiah 43:19,25 page 1127
Romans 6:1-19 page 1754
15 January
Isaiah 49:1-7 page 1138
1 Corinthians 1:1-9 page 1771
John 1:29-42 page 1646
22 January
Isaiah 9:1-4 page 1072
Matthew 4:12-21 page 1500

Coming Up

New Wine: The New Wine summer festival is from 11-15 January in Warkworth. The Thursday is an open leaders' day. Please let Robin know if you are coming and he will give numbers to the NW office. Or email:

Golden Jubilee in 2015

Update November 2015 Click here for the planned events. Browns Bay Presbyterian Church is having its Golden Jubilee In July 2015 a celebration services and events are planned for this Golden Jubilee. Watch this space!

Regular Notices

Christ Kid’s and Christ Tot's (Sunday Children's Programme): runs during the 10.00am service.

Pastoral Care: Please contact the church office with any pastoral concerns.

Mainly Music Meet in the Family Centre at 10.00am.

ICONZ The ICONZ Adventure Unit for boys aged 8-12 in recess. Enquiries contact Robin Palmer phone 478 2441

Prayer Needs:­

Our Mission: building loving communities that help people find and follow Jesus

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